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February 23, 2007

The Assimilation of the Book Blog 5


I happened to notice recently, in my daily online wanderings, that the nominees have been announced for “The Seventh Annual Weblog Awards.” As usual, the organizers have listed a couple dozen categories, and as usual the same handful of blogs, more or less, are in the running. Many of the usual suspects are there, Boing […]

February 22, 2007

The Madness Approaches 0


All sorts of madness is coming in March. Of course, there is the basketball sort, of which it appears my long beleaguered alma mater may finally be taking part (go Wahoos!) But more cogent to this blog and its readers, the literary world’s more refined yet no less raucous brand of madness is on its […]

February 21, 2007

War Poetry, Coming to a Theater Near You 1


On Feb. 9th, the documentary Operation Homecoming: Writing the War in Iraq went into limited release across the U.S. The movie follows the National Endowment of the Art’s (NEA) program to help soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan put their experience into words. Although the movie itself has gotten mixed reviews, the program has been […]

February 20, 2007

New Books Noted in the New Yorker 4


Just finished up the recent New Yorker double issue and a couple of items caught my eye. First, I noticed in the capsule book reviews that there is a new book by Andrea Levy out. I had no idea, and it’s a shame because a new book by Levy should be big news. Her novel […]

February 18, 2007

The Seeds of Conflict: A Review of Guerrillas by Jon Lee Anderson 1


Jon Lee Anderson is a top-tier foreign correspondent. Writing for the New Yorker, he has spent much of the current decade reporting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Unlike many of his “embedded” colleagues, however, Anderson strays far from the relative safety of American protection into the homes and offices of people on the ground, talking to […]

February 18, 2007

Ask a Book Question: The 50th in a Series (Hurricane Kids Sequel) 0


Cheryl writes in with this question: My 72 year old father’s favorite book is The Hurricane Kids on the Lost Islands by Oskar Lebeck and Gaylord DuBois. He read it as a teen. I was able to find it in a used book store a few years ago and gave it to him as a […]

February 17, 2007

Ask a Book Question: The 49th in a Series (A Miniature Story) 1


Molly writes in with this question: I’m hoping you remember a short story from the New Yorker published, I think, in 2006. Of course I don’t remember the author or title, or the date of publication (spring? fall? no idea). But the story was about a minaturist who worked for a king, he made intricate […]

February 16, 2007

Janet Fitch In Black & White 8


“Don’t read this book if you are depressed. Yikes.”– reader review of Paint It Black Janet Fitch has a new book out, Paint It Black, and so that this dark etching might be properly framed, and hopefully some light then cast in its direction, some background information will prove useful. Fitch’s first book, White Oleander, […]

February 14, 2007

Wednesday Links 0


From icy Philadelphia, some links to start the day: The latest round at the LBC is over, but we’ve posted our nominees for the next round. Read the books now so you can discuss them with us in a month or so. I was a nominator this round and my pick is The Cottagers by […]

February 13, 2007

Adventures in Publishing: A Field Guide to the North American Family 4


I’m pleased to announce that Mark Batty Publisher, a New York-based art & design press, will be publishing my first book this spring. Modeled on fin-de-siecle scientific manuals, A Field Guide to the North American Family: An Illustrated Novella presents the story of two families in 63 alphabetized entries: Adolescence, Boredom, Commitment… A lavish, full-color […]