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June 29, 2004

Happy Days 0


I’m back and I’m fully married now (call us Mr. and Mrs. Millions). It was great. We’re off to the honeymoon shortly, and have a pretty full traveling schedule for the remainder of the summer, so, as I mentioned in my last post, expect to hear from me only every ten days or so until […]

June 22, 2004

A Summer Schedule 0


Stockbrokers and art gallery owners take off for half the summer. Maybe bloggers should too. Due to my impending wedding (T minus 4 days), and a busy schedule of traveling and moving (for the second time in three months), I will have to cut back on my blogging for the next month and a half […]

June 20, 2004

Bubba and the High Seas 0


The reviews are beginning to come in for Bill Clinton’s My Life, and Michiko Kakutani, at least, wasn’t very impressed. Read the review here. In other book news, I happened to catch a reading of a very interesting book on the radio last night. Here in DC we have C-SPAN radio, and they occasionally air […]

June 18, 2004

Some Good Stuff 0


Two great scoops were passed my way by the intrepid Brian, fresh from his European sojourn. The first is this so-wierd-it-has-to-be-true story about Newt Gingrich being an extremely prolific and friendly customer reviewer. Click here for the must-read gory details. While in Spain, Brian read Robert Hughes’ new book Barcelona: The Great Enchantress from […]

June 16, 2004

Happy Bloomsday 0


Dubliners and James Joyce fans are celebrating Bloomsday in the town that Leopold Bloom wandered through on that epic day exactly 100 years ago. Revelers, among other things, ate “Gorgonzola sandwiches and sipped Burgundy wine in the sunshine in honour of the lunch enjoyed by the novel’s hero Leopold Bloom, midway through his momentous day.” […]

June 15, 2004

Ask a Book Question: The Twentieth in a Series (Getting Kakutanied) 0


Garth writes in with this question about Michiko Kakutani, the menacing daily book critic for the New York Times: Honestly, what is wrong with Michiko Kakutani? I’m referring here to her unflattering review of David Foster Wallace’s new book, but, just in general, what is her deal? Kakutani seems to be one of those people […]

June 8, 2004

Getting Back on the Road 0


I just got back from the Baltimore Orioles game, my first at Camden Yards in several years. I had forgotten how close, compared to Dodger Stadium, the fans sit to the field. Even when I sat in the “Dugout Club” field level seats at Dodger Stadium, I didn’t feel as involved in the game as […]

June 7, 2004

New Books and Excerpts 0


Shooting the Heart by Paul Cody — review, excerptThe Hamilton Case by Michelle de Kretser — review, excerptThe Laments by George Hagen — excerpt (being touted as a “hot sleeper”)

June 4, 2004

Ask a Book Question: the Twentieth in a Series (A Guide to Yoknapatawpha County) 0


Edan and her beau have decided that they want read one of America’s greatest writers, but they don’t know where to start: Neither my boyfriend nor I have ever read any William Faulkner. We thought it might be fun to read one of his novels at the same time, so we could talk about it […]

June 3, 2004

New Books and a New Award 0


Some new books that are getting lots of praise, and some excerpts from those books: Natasha and Other Stories by David Bezmozgis — review, excerpt Little Black Book of Stories by A.S. Byatt — review, excerpt You Remind Me of Me by Dan Chaon — review, excerpt Crossing California by Adam Langer — review Also […]