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September 2, 2004

Ask a Book Question: The Twenty-fourth in a Series (A Plethora of Presidentiality) 1


Christian writes in with this question: What is currently known about the next volume(s) of Robert Caro’s magnificent biography of LBJ? The presidential biography is a major sub-genre of American literature, and it seems to be the constitutional right of every president to enter the annals of history by receiving the biographical treatment. The second […]

August 29, 2004

What’s New For September 0


If you are like me, you are probably getting tired of politics. Politicians, political news, television ads from concerned citizens for this or that, conventions finally almost past, and debates still to come, I’m tired of all of it. Thank god someone decided that it was ok for people to make up big, long stories […]

August 27, 2004

More 0


The public literary program, One Book One City, that is half-heartedly sweeping the nation apparently has an outpost in my new city. They are already on book seven, which means that Chicagoans are reading circles around my former city, Los Angeles, which, last time I checked, was only on book two. The latest pick for […]

August 26, 2004

Recent Reviews of Interest 0


Here are some book reviews and book related stories that have caught my eye in recent days. In the New York Times Charles McGrath reviews a forward-thinking anthology, The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories. The review is tepid, but McGrath takes the opportunity to give us an interesting little summary of the state […]

August 23, 2004

A Review of The Outlaw Sea by William Langewiesche 0


Thanks to our friend Edan, who is well-connected in the world of audio books, Mrs. Millions and I had a 6 cd, seven and half hour, unabridged work of literature to keep us company on our recent trip from Chicago to New York, where we’re picking up the dog, and various of our far flung […]

August 20, 2004

Bits of News 0


If I had been near enough to a computer and had enough time to blog over the last month, I probably would have talked about Nicholson Baker’s new book, Checkpoint. I haven’t read it, so I can only comment on the reactions that I have seen to the book. Most have been negative. The book […]

August 18, 2004

A Review of Last Train to Memphis by Peter Guralnick 0


I’m not particularly drawn to biographies, and certainly not music biographies, but I make exceptions for Elvis. I was also swayed because I have heard Peter Guralnick’s books praised many times. Most satisfying about Last Train to Memphis, volume one of Guralnick’s two volume biography of Elvis Presley, was Guralnick’s ability to humanize his subject. […]

August 17, 2004

Ask a Book Question: The Twenty-third in a Series (Bringing a Book to Hollywood) 0


Rick writes in wanting to know how he can lay the groundwork for a big-screen version of a bestselling novel. Does anybody know if (or how to find out if) someone has the motion picture rights to Leon Uris’ novel Trinity? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks I can’t tell you all how pleased I […]

August 15, 2004

City of The Big Shoulders 0


The title of this post is taken from a poem called “Chicago” by Carl Sandburg. The reference is to the men of the meat-packing industry, and the nickname came to represent the burly, blue-collar mentality of the place. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered so far. Mrs. Millions and I are more or less fully […]

August 4, 2004

Bloody Mary Rules 0


We are leaving for Chicago very soon, and with no place to live as of yet, I do not know when I will be blogging again… not for a couple of weeks, probably. So, I will leave you with something, though not book-related in any way, that you may find quite useful: One of my […]