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September 21, 2016

Living in French: The Millions Interviews Lauren Collins 0


The better my language skills get, the more I’m aware of, the more I’m able to penetrate. It’s fantastic. It’s been unlocking this secret cave full of riches I could never access before. It’s a midlife gift — both as a person and as a reporter.

September 9, 2016

To the Depths of the Darkness: The Millions Interviews Annie DeWitt 0


I am constantly evaluating the sounds of words — both lyrically and sonically. Where do they mesh? Where does the tone or the pace shift? What section should be played “Lento,” “Legato,” “Fuerte,” “Fortissimo.”

September 6, 2016

These Aren’t Your Grandmother’s Fear, Paranoia, and Doom: A Conversation 0


A lot was made a couple of years back when a study at the New School found empirical evidence that reading literary fiction made a person more empathetic. I think a lot of readers, hearing that, said, “No shit.”

August 11, 2016

‘I Don’t Experience the World as a Single Voice’: An Interview with Krys Lee 0


While I was writing I often thought about how identities are made and formed and imposed on us, and the way the passport determines where you belong.

August 9, 2016

‘There Should be More Words Like Bittersweet’: A Conversation 2


“I love that in the vast, deep privacy of writing we were both circling the same darknesses.”   

July 21, 2016

Everything Takes Longer than You Expect: The Millions Interviews Hannah Gersen 0


Writing is gratifying on a daily basis. If I didn’t love doing it, I would have stopped a long time ago.

July 19, 2016

Creation Myths: The Millions Interviews Lindsay Hatton 8


There’s that myth of the solitary (usually male, usually white) creator devoting his life solely to his work. Writing all day in his Parisian garret or lakeside cottage, and then drinking all night. Art doesn’t get made this way anymore, at least not by anyone I know.

June 29, 2016

A Story Made Purely of Feeling: The Millions Interviews Cynthia Ozick 2


I am pursued by an anti-Muse; her name is Life. Her homely multisyllabic surname is often left unenunciated, but to certain initiates it may be whispered: Exigency.

June 24, 2016

Dogs of War: Bronwen Dickey on Pit Bulls 6


There is no reason why anyone should live in a place where animal control officers can come to your house and seize your dog and euthanize your dog based on the way it looks when it hasn’t done anything wrong.

June 7, 2016

Neither Gift nor Curse: The Millions Interviews Rumaan Alam 0


Novels can do whatever the writer asks them to. It may not work, but you can always ask.