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January 11, 2013

Graffiti and Glory Days: The Millions Interviews Adam Mansbach 5


The “War on Graffiti” presaged and ushered in zero tolerance policy, prejudicial gang databases, quality of life offenses, epic incarceration — the whole way a generation has experienced law enforcement and personal freedom.

November 8, 2012

The History of Humans is the History of Technology: The Millions Interviews Robin Sloan 10


For me, the iPhone had become a toxic compulsion. It had completed its invasion and occupation of my interstitial time — all those minutes riding the train, waiting in line, that used to be such fertile territory for daydreaming and storymaking.

November 6, 2012

Addicted to Weird: An Interview with Jon Ronson 2


Everybody in the book feels in some way as if they’re lost at sea, and are grasping for something to get them through. And the thing that they often grasp for is something that’s kind of irrational, makes no sense, is ridiculous. And it becomes almost a celebration of irrationality as a human character trait to be cherished.

October 31, 2012

Only Real Cultures Deserve Monuments: Joshua Cohen on the Internet Era 5


“I had in mind a book that was going to sit on a shelf, lie playing dead across the shelf and depress you for failing it.”

October 22, 2012

A Brief Wondrous Interview with Junot Díaz 3


Depression fucking sucks, dude. Depression sucks. And part of you thinks, “Well if I have to deal with being fucking depressed, I’ll figure out some way to make some art out of it.”

October 18, 2012

Put It in a Box and Wait: The Millions Interviews Cheryl Strayed 14


People do all kinds of unexpected things in these transitional times of their lives. And they don’t need to be sorry for it, because it is part of being human, and it isn’t about being a good person or a bad person. I think just telling the truth of that is kind of important and revolutionary.

October 15, 2012

Allways: An Interview with Mark Z. Danielewski 8


When asked about what kind of kid he thought The Fifty Year Sword has become, Danielewski was quick to answer, “He’s the little infidel, the little kid who’s going to do what he wants. He’s vicious. He’s Chucky.”

October 11, 2012

Written through Tears: The Millions Interviews Katherine Boo 4


She made me talk about why I felt I could never make anyone care about these people the way I cared about them. She made me realize I just had to keep on doing my reporting. Obviously, it was late for those children, but if I could investigate and document a little better, maybe some attention would be paid.

October 10, 2012

Why Does Everyone Love It But Me? An Interview with Daniel Mendelsohn 16


For the record no serious critic goes into a job planning to do a takedown. All I heard about Mad Men was that it was great…I sat in my bedroom watching with a good friend of mine and we looked at each other after three episodes and I said, “The love is not happening.” Then it becomes interesting.

September 20, 2012

The Paris Review’s Favorite Stories: The Millions Interviews Sadie Stein 11


So many of us had collections of short stories we read in seventh grade as an introduction to fiction. We were never taught the short story as a unique form. It was an introduction to longer forms. This book was really about looking at what makes a short story such a distinct discipline.