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July 30, 2009

Parker’s Back… The Anthology: Seeking the Literarily Tattooed 0


If you’ve got a portrait of Pushkin on your back or the complete text of The Waste Land on your shins, aspiring anthologists Justin Taylor and Eva Talmadge want you! Here’s their call for images of literary tattoos: We are seeking high quality photographs of your literary tattoos for an upcoming book. Send us your […]

July 26, 2009

Pynchon by Way of ‘Sally Forth’ 0


Readers of the Sunday funnies may have spotted an odd juxtaposition somewhere between “Garfield” and “Beetle Bailey” this morning. “Sally Forth” writer Ces Marciuliano has reimagined the opening lines of Pynchon’s postmodern classic Gravity’s Rainbow as a baseball-themed essay by grade-schooler Hilary. We will be running an essay here on literary mashups tomorrow, but this […]

July 21, 2009

Full Disclosure 3


Well, folks, it’s happened. The mainstream media has finally discovered the Internet’s sordid underbelly. According to an article in last Monday’s New York Times, a growing number of online outlets have begun reviewing products for reasons other than the simple joy of content production. Advertisers in search of buzz are plying them with freebies, and […]

July 20, 2009

A Bookshop Remembered: What Pages Meant to Me 0


The eulogies are already being written, but there are still six weeks of life left in Toronto’s best bookshop. There’s no escaping reality though: Pages, that literary hotbed amid the faux-cool of Queen Street West, is shutting its doors at the end of August. A casualty of skyrocketing rents, Pages has been THE place to […]

July 8, 2009

Appearing Elsewhere 1


Pete Dexter has been in the news around here lately, and keeping that ball rolling, I’ve contributed a piece to The Rumpus series “The Last Book I Loved” about Dexter’s collection of columns, Paper Trails. Technically, it’s not the last book I’ve loved (more recently there’s been Waiting for the Barbarians, Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned, […]

July 7, 2009

Appearing Elsewhere 1


In my most recent “Year in Reading” post, I mentioned Joseph McElroy’s Women and Men, a 1200-page novel it took me six weeks to consume and six months to digest. A somewhat longer, though still woefully inadequate, consideration appears today at The Los Angeles Times’ Jacket Copy blog, as part of “Postmodernism Month.” If you […]

July 6, 2009

Reader Beware 1


Advance readers copies, the paperbacks sent out early to book reviewers, often contain special notes from authors or editors that impart a little back story or extol the virtues of the book at hand, but I’ve never seen an author’s note quite like the one that Pete Dexter penned for the advance readers copies of […]

June 17, 2009

Books on Stoops 10


My wife and I are moving out of the apartment we’ve rented for the last five years and into another apartment in the same neighborhood. The onerous task of culling through our books has fallen to me – perhaps justly, since I’m the one who collected most of the damned things in the first place. […]

May 20, 2009

The Anatomy of a Break Up 0


Thoughts of suicide, depression, and listlessness for weeks on end are just a few ways the loss of a lover is mourned. Unrequited love can open an abyss in which time and activities cease, or it can turn us towards life, as Rilke states in The Duino Elegies, sending us trembling like arrows, leaping into […]

May 19, 2009

Michael Lewis and The Big Short 0


The contributor’s notes accompanying Michael Lewis’ various pieces over the last year or so have hinted at a new book in the works for Lewis that promises to take on the economic crisis and offer a sequel of sorts to Liar’s Poker, the book that he thought would take down Wall Street. Now we know […]