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October 13, 2008

Football Books: A Best Sports Writing Addendum 5


We have in the past noted the paucity of books about football among sports writing’s most cherished tomes (though there have been a few). Even in the list of “The Best Sports Journalism Ever” that I posted recently, there was only a single football piece represented (the Plimpton), and it is only obliquely about football. […]

October 12, 2008

The Best Sports Journalism Ever (According to Bill Simmons) 13


I’m still fairly new to reading ESPN’s Bill Simmons (and despite his relentless Boston boosterism, I get a kick out of his columns). One reason is that he has some interests beyond the ballfield, quite rare for folks who make a living in sports punditry, and contained within his columns, you’ll sometimes find gems like […]

August 19, 2008

An Answer to a Frequently Asked Question 1


Lots of people I know seem to be going on vacation in the next few weeks, and not a few of them have asked me to recommend some books to tote along to the beach or woods. It has occurred to me that I get these requests quite often so I thought it might be […]

July 11, 2008

May-December (In July) 3


In 1699, at the age of 32, Jonathan Swift wrote a list of resolutions for himself that he titled “When I come to be old.” The first of these was, “Not to marry a young Woman.” Improbably, reading this Swiftian direction set me compiling a list of movies in which men and women disregard his […]

June 30, 2008

The Most Anticipated Books of the Rest of 2008 16


As we reach the year’s midpoint, it’s time to look at some of the books we are most looking forward to for the second half. There are many, many intriguing books on the docket for the next six months, but these are some of the most notable. Please share your most anticipated books in the […]

June 19, 2008

Ask a Book Question: The 61st in a Series (World War II Books for Younger Readers) 2


We compiled some excellent lists of World War II fiction and non-fiction a while back, but one topic that wasn’t broached during those discussions was books about the war for younger readers. Ryo wrote in with a question that has spurred us to close that gap: Im a Thirteen Year Old Boy who is interested […]

June 4, 2008

Such, Such Were the Joys 12


I am a fan of nostalgic genres, as my last list testified: Not the least of the charms of the country house movie, following in the tradition of classical pastoral, is that the country house comes to represent a pre-Lapsarian, Edenic space associated with leisure, pleasure, and harmony. Usually this harmony is destroyed or interrupted […]

May 26, 2008

A House in the Country, An Ensemble Cast 7


There’s something about an ensemble cast. And oh, the pastoral charms of a country house. Though I’d say this cinematic genre is English is certain fundamental ways, it works just as well elsewhere, a demonstrated by the list below (Italy, France, Greece, Los Angeles, Spain, Canada, the O.C.). One of the other interests of this […]

May 13, 2008

The Prizewinners: International Edition 3


Max’s recent post cataloging 13 years of Anglo-American “Prizewinners” got me wondering… what were the most decorated books in foreign-language fiction during the same period? And how many of them are currently available in English? I assumed that, in an Internet age, this information would be easy to come by in consolidated form; as it […]

April 23, 2008

The Prizewinners Revisited 4


A while back, I put together a post called “The Prizewinners,” which asked what books had been decreed by the major book awards to be the “best” books over that period. These awards are arbitrary but just as a certain number of batting titles and MVPs might qualify a baseball player for consideration by the […]