The Millions Interview

February 8, 2007

Literary Magazines: A Roundtable, Part 3 0


For Part 3 of our Literary Magazines Roundtable, we talked to Christopher D. Salyers, one of the editors of the New York-based SIC. Salyers comes from a design background, and it shows. The first issue of SIC has a beautiful cover, and, better yet, fits in your back pocket for ease of transport. The Millions: […]

February 7, 2007

Literary Magazines: A Roundtable, Part 2 4


Next up in our series of interviews with lit-mag editors is Yasmine Alwan, co-founder of the Brooklyn-based Tantalum. Yasmine, an old colleague of mine from NYU, is herself a talented fabulist whose work has appeared in such well-regarded publications as NOON. After earning her M.F.A., Yasmine started Tantalum with her pal Cynthia Nelson. The first […]

February 5, 2007

Literary Magazines: A Roundtable, Part I 6


Aside from the money, the fame, and the groupies, publishing a literary magazine these days can be a thankless task. There are hundreds – maybe thousands – of good writers out there, but there are almost as many publications, and few of them pay professional rates. Print is expensive, and it can be difficult to […]

November 14, 2005

Richard Nash of Soft Skull on Google Print 0


I’ve been writing a lot about Google Print lately. We know that the major publishers are not happy about Google’s book-related efforts, but I wanted to know what small publishers thought about the chance to put their books online via Google. I decided to get in touch with Richard Nash, publisher of Brooklyn’s Soft Skull […]