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Yoga for People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It (Paperback)

by Geoff Dyer

Places That Fall Into Ruin: The Millions Interviews Geoff Dyer 0

I’m glad I’m capable of disappointment because that shows I still have high hopes for the world.

Mark Binelli Explains Why Detroit City Is the Place to Be 5

When Binelli encountered a group of German college student poking through the gutted Packard plant, he asked what had inspired them to vacation in Detroit. One gleefully replied, "I came to see the end of the world!"

A Year in Reading: Mark O'Connell 7

His compassion and clarity are such that I often found myself thinking that if God existed and had sat down to write a novel, this is what it would look like.

A Year in Reading: John Williams (The Second Pass) 4

It’s about gambling, drinking, prison, and an unlikely but believably rendered relationship between two unlucky men. It’s a hard-boiled existentialist novel, and ultimately unlike any other I’ve read.

The Millions Interview: Geoff Dyer on the London Riots, the Great War, and the Gray Lady 7

"I always have faith in this idea that if I remain honest and open about my own confusion, the blurriness of my impressions – it's not because I'm short-witted or stupid – the chances are those feelings will be shared by other people."

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