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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Paperback)

by Edward Albee

Comfort Food: The Importance of Reading Aloud as Adults 1

Reading a story aloud is a way to take care of someone, a kind of caretaking that isn’t overbearing or smothering, and doesn’t feel like babysitting.

Those Who Left Us: Select Literary Obituaries from 2016 4

This year we lost a Nobel laureate, several Pulitzer Prize winners, many writers with wide readerships, and many more who never achieved the acclaim or the audiences they deserved. 

Edward Albee Was My Mailman 3

It turned out that Albee was an elusive kind of mailman. He’d drive up to our house, quietly drop off the mail on the kitchen counter, and slip away.

Keep Trying. Be Content: On Belle Boggs’s 'The Art of Waiting' 0

Boggs sees motherhood everywhere, like I do: it’s inescapable, especially because we do not have it.

The Un-Ironist: A Primer on Douglas Coupland’s Novels 9

How ironic that Douglas Coupland, the man who popularized the term “Generation X”, turns out to be one of the least ironic novelists of his generation. His novels may, on the whole, be loaded with typographical trickery, brand names of the nanosecond, slacking youngsters, and Simpsons references, but he’s also deep into a suite of timelessly, radically un-hip novelistic themes.