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White Noise: (Classics Deluxe Edition) (Penguin Classics Deluxe Editio) (Paperback)

by Don DeLillo

The Novel Still Exists: The Millions Interviews Don DeLillo 3

"I’ve been thinking lately, I’m not sure why, about my earlier novels, and I’m quite surprised how little I recall of them. I don’t know whether it’s liberating or worrying."

The End of the Self Is the End of the Universe 4

Sadness might seem too sincere an emotion to ascribe to a novel written by a postmodernist, but Zero K pushes its readers to feel.

Theaters of the Mind: Radio & Literature 5

Radio is like literature, like our thoughts: moving, shifting, often clouded in static, and yet sometimes out of the maddening noise comes clarity.

Recognition of Another Sort: On Ethan Canin's 'A Doubter’s Almanac' 3

Do we want something different, something new, some sense that, with the same words, in the same world, we might, through the workings of fiction, find a way to rethink reality -- and to find the familiar strange, the world an ever bigger, more interesting place?

Like a Prayer 0

Summer Is Over: On John Cheever’s "The Swimmer" 3

Allow the story to bring you back to the temporary innocence of July and August. Experience the deep melancholy of its final paragraph as you get ready for the cold months ahead, but don’t worry: there is always next summer.

Bugged and Bruised: On Jason Ockert’s 'Wasp Box' 1

Ockert reveals how sometimes evil arrives not with a bang or a whimper, but with the calming buzz of the inevitable.

White Noise on White Noise 0

Do Not Tell Me This Is Not Beautiful: On the Collaborative Art of Words and Images 3

The collaborative medium between prose and photography, poetry and photography deserves a more established home in the spectrum of the literary world.

September Books: A Reading List for Beginnings 7

September is the start of many things: school, fall, football, the biggest publishing season, the return to work after the end of summer.

No Right Path: Arriving at Writing from Outside the Humanities 7

Fear and wonder pulled me toward both astronomy and writing. If the world does not create awe in us, we will neuter the beautiful and complex. The profound becomes prosaic.

Blink vs. Think: When a Movie Bewitches A Writer 9

Geoff Dyer, Don DeLillo, and Jonathan Lethem, for all their differences, have one thing in common. Each became bewitched by a movie that spoke so forcefully to him that he watched it again and again until it revealed all of its secrets.

Faith in Appearances: Don DeLillo’s The Angel Esmeralda 2

His vision spreads outward, encompassing ever more of the nuances and frequencies of an urbanized West that has maxed out on chatter and distraction. It has to expand like this in order to express the burden of shepherding a lone self through a world of mass-consciousness, ruled by media and money, where terror is the only form of awe that has not been stripped and sold for parts.

William Gibson's Zero History Has A Smirk On Every Page 6

Gibson has always been fascinated by fashion, not only as an expression of personal style, but as a place where technology and advertising work together, on a global scale, to create and feed human appetites in the name of corporate profits.

David Markson's Personal Library 0

Oil Plumes and White Noise: On Rereading DeLillo 1

We are in a situation similar to the one Delillo lays out in White Noise: things are bad, danger is lurking, but we don’t know its full extent. Our exposure has been consummate, and fatal for the health and economic stability of many, but the final tally is not yet in.

Headphone Elegies 5

We've become not just curators of music but curators of connections, immersed in an aural landscape and a transporting, internal soundtrack.

Unhappy Birthday to White Noise 3