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Where the Wild Things Are (Hardcover)

by Maurice Sendak

How Long? 0

Maurice Sendak Dies 3

Kindle-Proof Your Book in Seven Easy Steps! 28

For the Luddite writer who wants to put her royalties where her mouth is, I offer the choicest trade a Top 10 list of eBook-resistant texts.

The Millions Interview: Leslie Jamison 3

I usually read poetry when I'm trying to write--it makes me swollen with beauty and possibility, with honesty, but it doesn't call up the urge to imitate.

Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Air: Reconnecting with Children's Books as a Parent 13

The market for children’s books is probably more resistant to cultural churn than just about any other slice of the consumer economy; it’s a closed circuit that reproduces itself one generation after another.

Melancholy Maurice Sendak Speaks 1

Dispatch from the Borders-Land 13

Late on a late December Friday, I decided to try something different: I headed to a mall-bound Borders and asked 37 customers about their relationship to books.

Where the Wild Things Are: The Best Short Film of 2009 13

Spike Jonze says that this is a film about childhood, not necessarily a film for children. If he is talking about the trailer, he is absolutely right.

Hot off the Motherboard: New Issues of OLM, N1BR 0

The Millions Top Ten: October 2009 0

Eggers, Bolaño, and a mix of old and new.

Monsters and Wild Things 0

The Savages: Where The Wild Things Are, Revisited 4

Sendak's classic offers an allegorical version of Hobbes (and Machiavelli and Hegel) for children; its dark lessons about human nature and civilization give the work its enduring, archetypal power.

Wild Things 1

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