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Up in the Air (Paperback)

by Walter Kirn

Blood Will Out: Walter Kirn Brings Us News of Ourselves 1

When Walter Kirn asks Gerhartsreiter, over prison phone, what the key to manipulating people is, he says, “I think you know.” Only when Kirn concedes this does Gerhartsreiter give him an answer: “Vanity, vanity, vanity.”

Tuesday New Release Day: Hustvedt; Poissant; Livers; Dermont; Kirn; Butler; Kerouac 0

Most Anticipated: The Great 2014 Book Preview 45

At 9,100 words strong and encompassing 89 titles, this is the only 2014 book preview you will ever need.

Old Tricks (Finally) Come Together: A Review of Paul Auster's Invisible 14

Every time there’s a new Auster novel out, I think it may be different, and I give him a chance, and soon find I’m back in the usual territory: identity puzzles, murky timelines, ominous danger. And I’ve given the guy so many chances.

Navigating the Turbulence of "Up in the Air" 12

If you ascribe to the notion that, more than anything, great art disturbs, Reitman has indeed crafted something lasting.