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Ulysses (Oxford World's Classics) (Paperback)

by James Joyce

Cogs in an Enormous Machine: The Millions Interviews Paul Murray 3

I don't know of any profession where you experience failing as consistently and unambiguously as writing.

Breakfast: A Love Story 3

Literature and breakfast are both slow arts. Early morning arts that unfold while the world is still groggy and optimistic.

Laughing at Lawyers 0

Listening to Joyce 1

Smuggling Ulysses 0

The Truce Between Fabulism and Realism: On Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the Modern Novel 17

Garcia Marquez solved an essential problem of the novel; he arrived at a moment of crisis for the form and offered the warring parties a graceful way out of it.

The Art of Homage 1

Homage is a way of acknowledging our forbearers, to celebrate where we came from by updating the past, calling back to it, poking fun at it, challenging it, embracing it, adoring it.

June Books: A Reading List for the Month of Rituals 0

June is overflowing with matrimony -- but it's also the home of another modern ritual, graduation day -- or, as it's more evocatively known, commencement, an ending that's a beginning.

You Can't Lie in Fiction: An Interview with Kevin Barry 9

I wanted the reader to feel like they were in some awful, horrendous dive bar in a tremendously deranged Irish city in the middle of the 21st century and there’s some crazy old fucking whisky-drunk nut alongside them whispering this demented tall tale into their ears.

Staff Pick: Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau 2

By the end of the first page, you have learned everything you are ever going to know about the events on which the book focuses. What Queneau does do, however, is re-narrate this same scenario a further 98 times, in a series of distinct styles.