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Train Dreams: A Novella (Hardcover)

by Denis Johnson

The Millions Top Ten: August 2012 1

A formerly self-published title is our new number one, and a literary biography is among two debuts.

The Millions Top Ten: July 2012 0

Our number one stands pat, but a formerly self-published juggernaut shoots higher on our list, and our one debut has now had three different titles in our Top Ten over the years.

The Millions Top Ten: June 2012 1

With four books graduating to our Half of Fame, we have a new number one, three debuts and one returning title on our list.

The Millions Top Ten: May 2012 2

A Millions favorite debuts on the list, and big changes are afoot next month.

The Millions Top Ten: April 2012 0

With four books graduating to our Hall of Fame, we have a new number one, and four new books on our list.

2012: The Year With No Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 20

For the first time since A River Runs Through It failed to win in 1977, no award was given in the Fiction category.

The Millions Top Ten: March 2012 0

Murakami returns to the top spot, but a shake-up is coming next month.

The Millions Top Ten: February 2012 3

A new number one ousts Murakami, and a novella debuts.

The Millions Top Ten: January 2012 0

No new books were able to break in this month, but a couple were making strong moves higher on the list.

The Millions Top Ten: December 2011 0

Four eclectic debuts for our final list of 2011.

A Year in Reading: Wrap Up 11

With 72 participants naming 214 books, it’s safe to say this has been our biggest and most high profile Year in Reading yet.

A Year in Reading: Adam Ross 13

Only one book took over my world, and by that I mean I had that rare experience, while immersed in it, of seeing reality through its lens whenever I put it down and in the days after I finished it.

A Year in Reading: David Bezmozgis 1

I admire books that can convincingly describe the twists and turns of romance.

A Year in Reading: Dan Kois 3

It’s a small masterpiece, funny and sad, and though I read it in under an hour I feel it might stay with me forever.

The Notables: 2011 1

Two Chapters of Train Dreams 0

Tuesday New Release Day: Perotta, Johnson, Pelecanos, Torres, Fonts, Murray 0