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The Tunnel (Paperback)

by William H. Gass

We Can’t Go On, We'll Go On: William Gass's Middle C 2

The main struggle is the question of whether or not the human race, given its bloody history, deserves to go on, to survive.

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Living Letters: On Gass's Life Sentences and Theroux's Estonia 1

No one has written a better introduction to Gass’s fiction than he does here, laying out why he wrote his magnum opus in one stark sentence: “I wrote The Tunnel out of the conviction that no race or nation is better than any other, and no nation or race is worse.”

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Suggestions for readers who really own a stage.

A Year in Reading 2009 21

Amid all the lists to round out the year, we offer a new installment of our annual Year in Reading series: an anti-list, as it were.

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