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The Tunnel (Paperback)

by William H. Gass

The Strife of the Chase: The Prudence, Procrastination, and Persistence of the American Artist 5

Artists procrastinate. They also persist. What is certain is that we carry ideas around for longer than we know, and part of the artistic venture is unearthing the source.

We Can’t Go On, We'll Go On: William Gass's Middle C 2

The main struggle is the question of whether or not the human race, given its bloody history, deserves to go on, to survive.

Most Anticipated: The Great 2013 Book Preview 57

At 7,900 words strong and encompassing 79 titles, this is the only 2013 book preview you will ever need.

Living Letters: On Gass's Life Sentences and Theroux's Estonia 1

No one has written a better introduction to Gass’s fiction than he does here, laying out why he wrote his magnum opus in one stark sentence: “I wrote The Tunnel out of the conviction that no race or nation is better than any other, and no nation or race is worse.”

Most Anticipated: The Great 2012 Book Preview 83

At 8,400 words strong and encompassing 81 titles, this is the only 2012 book preview you will ever need.

The Vulgar and Beautiful 0

Kindle-Proof Your Book in Seven Easy Steps! 28

For the Luddite writer who wants to put her royalties where her mouth is, I offer the choicest trade a Top 10 list of eBook-resistant texts.

Ask a Book Question #76 (Good Readers, Good Readings) 7

Suggestions for readers who really own a stage.

A Year in Reading 2009 21

Amid all the lists to round out the year, we offer a new installment of our annual Year in Reading series: an anti-list, as it were.

Everybody's Holocaust: Jonathan Littell's Fictional Nazi and Postmodernity's Double Bind 9

Keepers of the Flame: A Reply to n+1 23

Pynchon Wikified: A Reader's Aid 3

A Year in Reading: Tabula Rasa 0