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The Tin Drum (Paperback)

by Gunter Grass

R.I.P: Select Literary Obituaries from 2015 8

Rest in Peace. Through your words you will all live on.

A Year in Reading: Lydia Kiesling 4

As usual, to compose my Year in Reading is to confront my failures.

Modern Library Revue: #90 Midnight's Children 2

When you go somewhere new, without the funds to elevate you to the echelon of luxury that is its own country, inevitably there comes a moment when you look around and realize that you have no idea what the fuck is going on. In these moments my Indian book club of one succored me, gave context to the long days of new sights and sounds.

I Want to Be a Book: On Becoming A Writer 17

My father is in Liberia, where there’s a civil war, and he’s writing about it for the newspapers. He loves me, he misses me, he’s sorry he and my mother are no longer together. He hopes I still read as much as I did.

Wedding Wind: A Commonplace Book of Unsuitable Readings 9

It turns out that it was hard for me to find a good wedding reading because I'm a gloomy old bastard.

Adam Levin's The Instructions and the Cult of the Child 8

Why so much genius? Why now?