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The Tiger's Wife: A Novel (Paperback)

by Tea Obreht

The Point of the Paperback 16

Here’s what I learned, after a month of talking to editors, literary agents, publishers, and other authors: A paperback isn’t just a cheaper version of the book anymore. It’s a makeover. A facelift. And for some, a second shot.

Digging into the 2013 IMPAC Longlist 1

Because of the IMPAC award’s global reach and egalitarian process, it’s always interesting to dig deeper into the longlist.

In Defense of Autobiography 16

I spent years feeling like a failure before I’d even started writing, all because I was terrified of producing a cliché. If only I could have written a World War II epic with a chose your own adventure twist.

Exit, Pursued by a Tiger 10

Tiger Lit has never been so popular. Look at the number of award-winning fictions in the last decade in which tigers escape from zoos. All kinds of besotted, bombed-out, starving, mangy, metaphoric and misunderstood man-eaters are now on the loose.

Overnight Sensation? Edith Pearlman on Fame and the Importance of Short Fiction 11

People are made by the books they read and I think I am finished. That is to say, my making is finished.

A Year in Reading: Chris Baio (Vampire Weekend) 2

My desire to finish Ronson’s gripping book without waking my cat and girlfriend outweighed the putrid stench of my terrible fetid lair. I felt like a psychopath! But I’m not one — I have a sense of humor and experience empathy.

Tuesday New Release Day: Didion, Freud, Obreht 0

2011 National Book Award Finalists Announced 8

Women dominate the fiction finalists again, and small presses are well represented.