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The Testament of Mary (Hardcover)

by Colm Toibin

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The IMPAC Dublin Longlist 0

The Best Books of the Year (2013) 3

Bookermania at Morgan Library: All the Contentious Glory of the Man Booker Prize 0

According to curator Sheelagh Bevan, the display is designed to celebrate the physical book and the importance of cover design, while at the same time showing off what everyone comes to the Booker to find: intellectual battles, backstabbing, and bitchery.

Famous Names and Newcomers on the 2013 Booker Shortlist (With Excerpts) 7

Four women make a shortlist that mixes big names and newcomers.

The Booker's Dozen: The 2013 Booker Longlist 6

This year's longlist is among the most diverse ever put out by the Booker judges.

Faith and Fiction: The Testament of Mary by Colm Tóibín 13

This is the story of a woman living out her last days in exile with the excruciating memory of watching the torture and crucifixion of her only son. In Tóibín’s hand, the Virgin Mary is more than her role as a mother or a symbol. Instead, she becomes the most interesting of creatures: a credible human.

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