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The Stranger's Child (Vintage International) (Paperback)

by Alan Hollinghurst

Biographers Cannot Be Choosers: On The Biographical Drive 1

Novelists tend to be repulsed by and attracted to the literary biographer, who is both kindred spirit and antagonist, reviver and executioner, exalted Boswell, and the “lice of literature” (to quote Philip Roth from Exit Ghost).

Winning Over James Wood 37

I started to have a terrible, itchy, and at first seemingly irrelevant thought: James Wood would dislike my book. Then my thought clarified into something worse: James Wood would dislike this book and he would be correct.

Digging into the 2013 IMPAC Longlist 1

Because of the IMPAC award’s global reach and egalitarian process, it’s always interesting to dig deeper into the longlist.

Why Does Everyone Love It But Me? An Interview with Daniel Mendelsohn 16

For the record no serious critic goes into a job planning to do a takedown. All I heard about Mad Men was that it was great...I sat in my bedroom watching with a good friend of mine and we looked at each other after three episodes and I said, “The love is not happening.” Then it becomes interesting.