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The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains (Paperback)

by Nicholas Carr

A Year in Reading: Elizabeth Minkel 0

I’m kind of done glossing over this major part of my reading life: for every good novel I read this year, I read a fantastic novel-length fic as well.

A Year in Reading: Elizabeth Minkel 0

It helps to root myself in the books I’ve been reading over the past 11 months: they have carried me across the ocean, as I have carried them.

A Year in Reading: Reif Larsen 1

Everything about Device 6 -- including your reading/playing experience -- is anticipated by the narrative framework of the book/game.

A Year in Reading: Janet Potter 2

The Second Annual Janet Potter Awards for Literary Achievement...including "Cutest Couple," "Best Temper Tantrum," and "Biggest Failure."

Detroit Fiction: On Rightsizing American Literature 35

Literature could not find itself in a better place from which to escape the confining and picayune interiority of the last half-century.

Tristram Shandy, Dilettante: Laurence Sterne and the Pleasures of Attention-Deficit Literature 5

Shandy makes the Cervantes/Fielding/Dickens picaresque look like a straight walk down a well-lit road. It is both a challenge to read and a sustained work of jumpy, distracted hilarity. Attention deficit, for Sterne, is not something to be feared in the reader — it is the basis for his process of composition.

The Millions Top Ten: June 2012 1

With four books graduating to our Half of Fame, we have a new number one, three debuts and one returning title on our list.

The Millions Top Ten: May 2012 2

A Millions favorite debuts on the list, and big changes are afoot next month.