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THE SECRET (Hardcover)

by Rhonda Byrne

One Monster Replaces Another: On John Domini's 'Movieola!' 1

Today, they say, we’re in a golden age of television, the vast free market of cable opening up new avenues for how moving picture stories come to be…Part of the thrust of Domini’s argument is that big screen filmmaking now finds itself threatened by its own creation, all those little screens like an army of ants taking down an elephant. 

Goodbye to Oprah's Golden Ticket 36

In a literary world where writers are playing the lottery against the longest of odds, Oprah was the winning ticket. But in less than two years, the ultimate book publicity coup will be off the table.

Quarterly Report: The Merger Question 1

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Quarterly Report: Book Industry Trends 2

Quarterly Report: Book Industry Trends 0

Oprah Going To The Dogs? 2