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The Original of Laura (Hardcover)

by Vladimir Nabokov

The Ultimate List: 25 Gifts That Writers Will Actually Use 12

I realized that I had a drawer full of blank journals that I had never used, all given to me by friends and family wanting to support my writing habit. I knew I couldn’t be the only writer with this particular surplus, so I decided to draw up a list of items that writers might actually use.

10 More Holiday Gifts That Writers Will Actually Use 8

This year’s list is inspired by my e-reader, which I received last year as a Christmas present. It took me most of the year to incorporate it into my reading routine, but now, as more of my reading happens electronically, I’m feeling nostalgic for all things bookish and old-fashioned.

Dmitri Nabokov Dies 2

Kindle-Proof Your Book in Seven Easy Steps! 28

For the Luddite writer who wants to put her royalties where her mouth is, I offer the choicest trade a Top 10 list of eBook-resistant texts.

Aleksandar Hemon's Jumbo Lexicon 4

Hemon evidently loves the dictionary, but does not use it as a means to demonstrate his intellectual superiority. He delights instead in sharing with us what he’s just discovered.

Is Big Back? 23

A mini-boom in big books would seem to complicate our assumptions about the Incredible Shrinking Attention Span.

Nabokov’s Scraps: The Original of Laura 6

Dmitri Nabokov has taken some weirdly disproportionate hits for the aspect of the book that deserves the greatest praise.

Most Anticipated: The Great 2010 Book Preview 69

There's something for every lover of fiction coming in 2010, but, oddly enough, the dominant theme may be posthumous publication.

Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys? 0

New Releases Tuesday 0

Nabokov at the 92nd St Y 0

Nabokov, Wallace, and the Incredible Shrinking Book 3