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The New Jim Crow (Paperback)

by Michelle Alexander

Hinge of History: Nine Books for the Post-Ferguson Era 4

These nine books, some new, some decades old, shed light on the history and evolution of racism in America.

Wrapping Up A Year in Reading 2013 4

It was fun and now we're done.

A Year in Reading: Teddy Wayne 0

It’s hugely imaginative, brilliantly written, funny, and sad. What else would you want from a novel?

A Year in Reading: Rachel Kushner 1

More biographies should be poetic-philosophical treatises that foreclose morality in favor of essence.

A Year in Reading: Sergio De La Pava 2

The most potent words I read this past year weren’t art. They were more like a truth-seeking missile, one that seethed with indignant if wholly justified outrage.

Staff Pick: The New Jim Crow 4

Thanks in large part to the drug war, more than 2 million people, disproportionate numbers of them black and Hispanic, are locked up in America’s prisons, giving us an incarceration rate of 750 per 100,000 people, higher than in Russia, China or Iran.

Outside the Ring: A Profile of Sergio De La Pava 18

The incredibly true story of how one would-be novelist self-published his way to greatness.