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The Namesake: A Novel (Paperback)

by Jhumpa Lahiri

Writing the Great Psychological Experiment: The Millions Interviews Margot Livesey 0

I am still a little surprised by how deeply interested I am in moral choices. Clearly I was paying more attention in my Scottish Sunday school than I realized. I remain deeply puzzled -- I’d have to say indignant -- that as adults we can find ourselves in situations where there is no obvious right thing to do.

Father's Day Books for Dads Who Actually Read 7

A certain kind of man views his bookshelves the way a leopard sees bleached bones on the veldt -- as evidence of past kills, the larger the better.

The New Wave: On the State of Indian Fiction in America 4

For all the merits of these books, the question remains: is this literary boomlet an anomaly, a coincidence, or a harbinger?

Robert Birnbaum and Darin Strauss 4

"I wanted to write about the young me as I would write about a character in a novel. And look at all that person's flaws and hold them up to the light. Because I think that’s what we get out of good fiction, too. Good fiction teaches you how to live."

The Great Divide: Writing Across Gender 20

Do we ever really “forget” the author? Does she ever truly recede when we are reading gender-crossing works? Do we necessarily want her to?

The Most Anticipated Literary Adaptations of 2007 7