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The Miracle Cures of Dr. Aira (Paperback)

by César Aira and Katherine Silver

A Year in Reading: Scott Esposito (Conversational Reading) 5

Of the lesser-known Oulipo members, the works of Jacques Roubaud should not be missed. His Mathematics, just published this year, is a great introduction to this writer who marries Oulipo, Proust, and mathematics (it’s a strange marriage).

A Departure from Reason: César Aira's The Miracle Cures of Doctor Aira 1

César Aira’s novels are the narrative equivalent of the Exquisite Corpse, that Surrealist parlor game in which players add to drawings or stories without knowledge of previous or subsequent additions. The final result never fails to surprise and amuse.

Tuesday New Release Day: Cronin, Danielewski, Aira, Jacobson, Bowden 3