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The Man Without Qualities Vol. 1: A Sort of Introduction and Pseudo Reality Prevails (Paperback)

by Robert Musil

Mark de Silva is Crazy and Unstable and Uncomfortable 12

I hope a book like mine will strike someone as violating a lot of common sense ideas about literature. I know it will. It violates my common sense about literature, and I wrote it.

The Class of 2013 1

A Year in Reading: Buzz Poole 0

Musil wastes no time establishing a scope of ideas that are prescient and read as if written today, fully-realized observations of how commerce and industry render us anonymous cogs in a great global machine that chips away at the individual.

A Year in Reading: Matthew Gallaway 0

By the end it’s almost impossible not to feel deficient for being anything but a poet/lesbian, and specifically anyone but Eileen Myles.

The Quality of No Qualities 0

The Stockholm Syndrome Theory of Long Novels 113

...and some other observations of doubtful critical merit.

Robert Musil and The Man Without Qualities: Imperial Vienna as a Portrait of Now 5

Robert Musil wrote The Man Without Qualities in the 1930s, but his modernist elegy to Belle Époque Vienna offers an achingly familiar picture of dissolution and malaise.

Modern Library Revue: #95 Under the Net 11

Someone once said (it was me) that Iris Murdoch wrote so many novels that if you are in the mood to read something by her, there is probably a fresh one available.