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The Magicians: A Novel (Paperback)

by Lev Grossman

The Case for Genre Fiction: A Guide to Literary Science Fiction and Fantasy 16

It isn’t all about hobbits and lions and wizards. There’s much more to explore.

"My life when I was that age was such a disaster" 0

A Brief Wondrous Interview with Junot Díaz 3

Depression fucking sucks, dude. Depression sucks. And part of you thinks, “Well if I have to deal with being fucking depressed, I’ll figure out some way to make some art out of it.”

Tuesday New Release Day: Grossman, Baker, Dyer, Pierre, Wilson, Mukherjee, Grossman 0

The Millions Top Ten: July 2011 2

Two debuts last month: a classic work of poetry and a brand new installment of an epic series.

Beyond Harry, Oz, and Narnia: Lev Grossman's The Magicians 2

The characters in The Magicians fully acknowledge the existence of the Harry Potter books, which, if anything, makes the realm of the novel feel all the more realistic.