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The Lover (Paperback)

by Marguerite Duras

A Year in Reading: Danielle Dutton 3

These are the books I spent the most time with, the ones I was able to get seriously and satisfyingly intimate with.

A Year in Reading: Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney 0

What a relief to be reminded of the vital importance of books when it feels like the world around is crumbling. Worth remembering as we stumble together into 2017.

How Do I Know I Want to Publish a Book? Vague Nausea: The Millions Interviews Danielle Dutton 0

And this is very often the case, that it’ll take only moments for me to sense that I’ve found the right next book — when this is happening, in those rare and wonderful moments, I actually feel somewhat physically unwell. It’s like I’m literally being overwhelmed by what I’m reading.

A Year in Reading: Sonya Chung 1

It is Duras’s great accomplishment that, by the end of The Square, I am convinced that these two minds and souls are not only fully real, but that they are me.

Reading for Instructions on How to Live: The Millions Interviews Suzanne Scanlon 0

I feel like various dead writers are dear friends of mine -- from Woolf to Plath to Duras to DFW -- their lives and lessons and warnings and urgings are constantly informing my own, challenging my own.

In Defense of Autobiography 16

I spent years feeling like a failure before I’d even started writing, all because I was terrified of producing a cliché. If only I could have written a World War II epic with a chose your own adventure twist.