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The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon, No. 3) (Hardcover)

by Dan Brown

The Bolaño Myth and the Backlash Cycle 10

If a Bolaño backlash materializes, it will mark a revolt not against his books, but against a particular narrative being spun about them. With a tendentious but seductive account of the experience The Savage Detectives offers U.S. readers, "Bolaño Inc." provides the perfect cover story for those who can't be bothered to do the reading.

The Vulture Circles 0

Tuesday New Releases - Dan Brown Edition 0

The Dan Brown Hype Machine 3

Quarterly Report: eReader Excitement 0

Barnes and Noble is pushing hard to get on the ebook bandwagon.

Most Anticipated: Rounding Out 2009, An Epic Year for Books 26

Quarterly Report: Fall Book List 'Strong' 0