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The Lord of the Rings (Paperback)

by J.R.R. Tolkien

Speaking in Tongues 0

Harry Potter Before Harry Potter 0

The Anti-Tolkien 0

Hunting for Red October: Remembering Tom Clancy 4

The genius of Clancy's story, its basic believability, like Tolkien's, comes from a firm commitment to letting the plot unfold logically once the initial hook is in place. It is perhaps difficult to believe there is a ring of power that confirms upon its bearer numinous strength, or that a Russian missile submarine commander, in charge of the newest and most secret sub, would defect along with all his officers. But once you buy the beginning, the rest of the books proceed with rigor.

Think of Bread in General: On Making Books Into Movies 12

“Everyone accepts that stories and movies are different things.” Indeed. But how, exactly? Is one a higher art form than the other? Does one strengthen children’s brains while the other is more likely to rot them?