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The Literary Conference (New Directions Pearls) (Paperback)

by César Aira

Things Just Happen, Don't Ask Why: César Aira's The Hare and Shantytown 1

This is fiction as a never-ending car chase, and you might just get away if you can only stop your vehicle from turning into a lampshade.

A Departure from Reason: César Aira's The Miracle Cures of Doctor Aira 1

César Aira’s novels are the narrative equivalent of the Exquisite Corpse, that Surrealist parlor game in which players add to drawings or stories without knowledge of previous or subsequent additions. The final result never fails to surprise and amuse.

2011 Best Translated Book Award Finalists Announced 5

The Best Translated Book Award highlights work in translation (of course), a corner of the literary world that gets far less attention in the U.S. than it deserves.

The Aira Effect 7

The effect of all the detail and incident César Aira can offer on such a small canvas is vertiginous, like reading an epic poem etched on a grain of sand.