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The Impressionist (Paperback)

by Hari Kunzru

Sympathy for All 0

Plot, Rhyme, and Conspiracy: Hari Kunzru Colludes with His Readers 1

"I have a sort of dark past as a technology journalist and I’ve always been interested in communication systems, both as technological artifacts and as the building blocks of social life. In my book I’ve become very interested in the ways that we’re enmeshed in these systems."

Fractured World: Hari Kunzru's Gods Without Men 2

At its center are Jaz and Lisa Matharu, he Sikh, she Jewish, and their severely autistic son, Raj. When the boy vanishes in the Mojave Desert, the parents are eventually accused of murder. Around them, Kunzru weaves a fiendish web of plots and subplots. The effect is exhilarating.

Tonight on Fourth Avenue... 0