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The Ice Storm: A Novel (Paperback)

by Rick Moody

Unhappy Christmas 2

People forget that Christmas stories are all about how awful Christmas is really.

Something Sinister on the North Shore 4

Once cracks start showing, you’re supposed to do your best to look away.

Make It New: The Millions Interviews Rick Moody 0

The books don't matter, the reviews don't matter, the career doesn't matter, the students don't matter, though I love the language of all these things. Only the process matters. I have no skepticism about that, and I'm not exhausted.

Summer Is Over: On John Cheever’s "The Swimmer" 3

Allow the story to bring you back to the temporary innocence of July and August. Experience the deep melancholy of its final paragraph as you get ready for the cold months ahead, but don’t worry: there is always next summer.

The Diviners by Rick Moody: A Review 3