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The Human Stain: A Novel (Paperback)

by Philip Roth

Writing The UnAmericans: An Interview With Molly Antopol 1

I want to know who is in the most complicated place in the situation and then I’ll see how the environment is informing their lives.

Finding an Audience Abroad: Who’s Read in France 17

Most literary novelists feel relatively confident they can sell copies of their newly published book to their parents, probably to their siblings, maybe (if they haven’t sparred too often over loud music or lawnmowers or leaf blowers) to their neighbors. Whose work gets read outside of America?

Philip Roth Retires: 10 Lessons from the Professor of Desire 17

People are animals. The flesh is weak. Beware of ideology. And New Jersey is beautiful.

Philip Roth v. Wikipedia 0

An Open Letter to the Swedish Academy 52

Can we please stop the nonsense and give Philip Roth a Nobel Prize for Literature before he dies?

What People are Reading 0