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The Hobbit (Paperback)

by J.R.R. Tolkien

Comfort Food: The Importance of Reading Aloud as Adults 1

Reading a story aloud is a way to take care of someone, a kind of caretaking that isn’t overbearing or smothering, and doesn’t feel like babysitting.

A Year in Reading: Dan Chaon 3

Let’s face it. 2016 sucked. It will go down as one of the cruddiest years in the 50 or so that I’ve walked the earth.

Origin Stories: The Darker Side of J.R.R. Tolkien 0

The Story of Kullervo, the first known prose work by Tolkien, is to be published this week in the United States, offering fans of Middle Earth a chance to read what may be one of the earliest sources for Tolkien’s quintessential literary fantasy realm.

A Soviet Gollum 0

Read Me! Please!: Book Titles Rewritten to Get More Clicks 78

As Upworthy-style headlines sweep the internet, aiming to snag as many clicks as possible by pandering to as many whims and obsessions as possible, the dignified mystery of the great book title stands in stark contrast.

Most Anticipated: The Great 2013 Book Preview 57

At 7,900 words strong and encompassing 79 titles, this is the only 2013 book preview you will ever need.