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The Fallback Plan (Paperback)

by Leigh Stein

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Ten Books to Read Now That HBO's Girls Is Back 18

These are books that -- like Girls -- explore what it is like to be young and hungry -- hungry for love and hungry for sex, but most of all, hungry for recognition and hungry for adulthood. Ultimately, the girls in these books, like the girls of Girls, are hungry to become the women they will one day be.

A Year in Reading: Rachel Fershleiser 2

In general, my favorite literary genre this year was what I like to call "women-processing-their-shit books."

Leigh Stein's Other People Pod 0

The Slacker in Modern Fiction: The Flâneur Goes to the Mall 7

What makes for a successful slacker novel? What propels a book when nothing seems to be propelling the protagonist? And how will the tradition of the flâneur be repurposed in the modern era — because isn’t the slacker ideally positioned for the role?

Arrested Development: Leigh Stein's The Fallback Plan 17

I’ve been thinking lately about adulthood. When it begins, what expectations we might reasonably have of those just entering through its gates, and how we represent it in our fiction.

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The Fallback Plan 0