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The Dud Avocado (New York Review Books Classics) (Paperback)

by Elaine Dundy

Sex and the Single Librarian 9

One of the frustrations of being a librarian is the occupational stereotyping. Librarians tend to be depicted in books and movies as elderly spinsters, rigid and frigid. More recently, in a predictable attempt to subvert convention, the slutty librarian trope has emerged: young, hot-blooded, yet not exempt from the cats-eye glasses.

A Year in Reading: Janet Potter 2

The Second Annual Janet Potter Awards for Literary Achievement...including "Cutest Couple," "Best Temper Tantrum," and "Biggest Failure."

A Year in Reading: Lydia Kiesling 6

When I wasn't reading a bunch of depressing shit, I read some strange and wonderful things.

Ten Books to Read Now That HBO's Girls Is Back 18

These are books that -- like Girls -- explore what it is like to be young and hungry -- hungry for love and hungry for sex, but most of all, hungry for recognition and hungry for adulthood. Ultimately, the girls in these books, like the girls of Girls, are hungry to become the women they will one day be.

A Year in Reading: Alix Ohlin 1

I don’t think I’ve ever read books so utterly lacking in sentiment, and yet so completely heartbreaking.

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A Year in Reading: Rosecrans Baldwin 1

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