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The Basketball Diaries (Paperback)

by Jim Carroll

Sports and Narrative: Looking for the Great Basketball Novel 13

There is, inherent to basketball’s play, an indeterminacy that may not lend itself to conventional narrative.

Flossing Your Teeth and Reading Dickens: Resolutions for the New Year 2

In figuring out my own reading resolutions, I realized how much fun it is to hear about what others plan to read this year.

The Posthumous Jim Carroll: What Do We Owe a Dead Writer? 1

Jim Carroll may have been gone, but in the comforting, ghostly way that artists do, he would endure.

Jim Carroll, 1950 - 2009 4

in the subculture of which Jim Carroll was a sort of poet laureate - one of them, anyway - the movie of The Basketball Diaries registers only as a minor souvenir.