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Tender Is the Night (Paperback)

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Afterlife of F. Scott Fitzgerald 2

Fitzgerald found a way for his death to give Tycoon, a necessarily fragmented tale of loss, a more moving outcome than anything he might dream up.

All Lit Up: Finding Style Advice in Classic Literature 1

My innate interest in beauty was stoked by 20th-century literature and the captivating female characters who populate it.

The Author Sends Her Regrets: J.K. Rowling and Other Writers with Second Thoughts 4

Is a writer allowed to have regrets? Certainly. Is she allowed to air them publicly? I mean, yeah, it’s a free internet, why not? Do I want to hear a single additional word about the world of Harry Potter from J. K. Rowling that is not in the form of another book? No, not particularly.

A Year in Reading: Kristopher Jansma 1

Most art from Warhol to present leaves me eye rolling and/or giggling. It finally helped me to understand the contents of the Whitney Museum as more than bad practical jokes.

The Museum of Unhappy Women: Z by Therese Anne Fowler 2

Paradoxically, this is the reason to write and read about Zelda, because she deserved a life much more interesting than the one that she got. Interesting to her, that is, a life she could have given her energy and talents to, not just a life made interesting by famous friends and European capitals.

Paucity of Art in the Age of Big Data: A Dispatch from San Francisco 32

My quest to find the great tech novel -- something sprawling and social and occurring inside the Teach-Up and outside the restaurant and around the home of the displaced shopowner and the H1B-visa programmer -- is in itself a kind of solutionism. Novels are captured social data. You want a snapshot of nineteenth century French provincial bourgeois life? There’s an app for that: it's called Flaubert. And that's before we consider the novel as an aggregator of human data of the biggest, most nebulous kind. You want a map of the human heart? Whose heart? What century? There's an app for that too.

Modern Library Revue: #28 Tender is the Night 10

I used to feel that the novel output of Fitzgerald was like the literary version of the Myers Briggs test: whichever one a person favored was some fundamental indicator of his or her personality.

A Year in Reading: Lydia Kiesling 4

As usual, to compose my Year in Reading is to confront my failures.

The F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Contest 0

Help Rodger Jacobs commemorate Fitzgerald in the City of Angels 0