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Stoner (New York Review Books Classics) (Paperback)

by John Williams

Custodian of Forgotten Books 0

It's Time to Play...The Reissue Factor 1

Sorry, it’s a no for us. Lacks emotional depth and the saber-toothed tiger subplot felt forced.

Flossing Your Teeth and Reading Dickens: Resolutions for the New Year 2

In figuring out my own reading resolutions, I realized how much fun it is to hear about what others plan to read this year.

Still Neglected 0

Bad Titles 0

The Book Guy 0

Judging Books by Their Covers 2015: US Vs. Netherlands 12

I was recently looking at the covers of Dutch-language books. Despite our different cultures, we share many overlaps in our literary taste. I hoped that I could draw some conclusions about those tastes by comparing book covers. After spending way too much time on the task, I conclude that I can’t.

Ask the Writing Teacher: The Third Person 3

When I'm struggling with a technical challenge in writing, I bang my head against the wall, write and rewrite and write again, and seek out books that have mastered said challenge.

Most Anticipated: The Great 2015 Book Preview 25

At 9,000 words strong and encompassing 91 titles, this is the only 2015 book preview you will ever need.

Artifacts of the Present: The Millions Interviews Emily St. John Mandel 3

I’m fascinated by the phenomenon where three people will witness the same event and remember it in three completely different ways. Structuring a book in a non-linear fashion with multiple points of view allows me to revisit the same plot points from completely different angles.

September Books: A Reading List for Beginnings 7

September is the start of many things: school, fall, football, the biggest publishing season, the return to work after the end of summer.

Tuesday New Release Day: Murakami; Williams; Steinke; Cao; Bausch; Flanagan; Row 0

Viral Professors 0

How would fictional professors, heroes of those quaint works known as campus novels, fare in the world of online education?

Most Anticipated: The Great Second-Half 2014 Book Preview 19

At over 8,000 words strong and encompassing 84 titles, this is the only second-half 2014 book preview you will ever need.

On Literary Cravings and Aftertastes 3

I had a voracious appetite to consume certain books I’d read long ago, revisiting passages that had always been especially moving. Or -- and this was fun and also eerie in its accuracy -- I found myself submitting to cravings for books I had never before read but the combined language, plot, and characters of which turned out to produce the perfect meal of prose for this pregnant bibliophile.

The Best of The Millions: 2013 0

Before we get into 2014, let’s take a look at what was keeping readers interested on The Millions in 2013.

A Year in Reading: David Gilbert 2

I am not the first to say this, but let me say this nonetheless: Thank God for the NYRB series of reissued books.

A Year in Reading: Alice McDermott 2

It is a kind of enchantment, to be lured so completely into the life of this character.

Stranger than Fiction 1

An American Bestseller Abroad 1

A Forgotten Bestseller: The Saga of John Williams's Stoner 12

What is the story of Stoner? How does an American book first published in 1965 go on to become a bestseller in the Netherlands in 2013?

John Williams and John Williams 1

Man-Eaters and Murderers: Vile Women in Fiction 17

True villains are a hoot, everyone knows that.

Depression Books 0

Unread Books 1

Lighting the Way: On Mentoring and Being Mentored 3

I am thankful for each of my mentors and what they've offered me at different points in my life as a writer. I don't want to imagine what I might not have attempted, creatively and professionally, were it not for their support and enthusiasm, their benevolent shadows.

Wrapping Up a Year in Reading 2010 10

“The best book I read all year was…”

A Year in Reading: Hamilton Leithauser 2

He has a plain-Jane, perfectly mild style that is so satisfying. It’s like a great roasted chicken.

A Year in Reading: Stephen Elliott 1

I will say this, it was not my best year for reading. It was a year where I read a lot of really good books but almost no great books.

The Millions Top Ten: June 2010 5

With four books heading to the Hall of Fame, that means we have four new books landing on the list, ranging from hard-boiled Scandinavian thrillers to historical fiction in 18th century Japan to a 12-year-old literary biography with a twist.

The Millions Top Ten: May 2010 0

Tinkers debuts and The Corrections graduates. Plus, a controversial new number one.

The Millions Top Ten: April 2010 3

Franzen stays on top. Sebald to the Hall of Fame. Tolstoy debuts.

The Millions Top Ten: March 2010 2

David Mitchell graduates to the Hall of Fame, Michael Lewis debuts, and we have a new number one.

The Millions Top Ten: February 2010 0

Cloud Atlas keeps the top spot. Reality Hunger debuts.

Not Lost, Just Rearranged: A Profile of Michelle Huneven 7

"What’s wrong with you, is wrong with your writing," Huneven says. "It really behooves you to find out what that is, so that you can disguise that in your writing. Or compensate it, or cover it up. Or cure it, if you can."

The Millions Top Ten: January 2010 1

Cloud Atlas keeps the top spot. Stoner and Wolf Hall debut.

Wrapping Up a Year in Reading 2009 34

And as we enjoy the last few days of 2009, we invite all of you to take part in A Year in Reading by finishing this sentence in the comments or on your own blog: “The best book I read all year was…”

A Year in Reading: Scott Esposito 6

Plotwise, The Darkroom of Damocles is as riveting a detective story as I read all year, but its purpose is far beyond that of your average noir.

A Year in Reading: Patrick Brown 4

Stoner is the sort of book that people aren't writing right now.

A Year in Reading: Edan Lepucki 10

I loved how Antonya Nelson compressed time, and how, with a single phrase, I understood a moment for all of its awkwardness, anxiety, hope, and honesty.

A Year in Reading: Charles Bock 0

A Year in Reading: Lauren Groff 0