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Sookie Stackhouse 8-copy Boxed Set (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) (Paperback)

by Charlaine Harris

Ethical Vampires, Part II 3

In order to enjoy the Twilight novels, you have to be willing to enter into an intense emotional and hormonal fundamentalism, the twin of the moral fundamentalism apparent in Meyer's refusal of nuance and ambivalence in favor of an either/or approach to good and evil.

Ethical Vampires, Part I 28

The vampire of our cultural moment has become a "vegetarian" of sorts, a Whole Foods shopper--an individual who prefers humanely raised, sustainably farmed food. From the shimmering pâleur of the vampire radiates something new and hardly otherworldly: an aura of white liberal guilt. But maybe it's only skin deep?

True Blood 0

Matt & Kim, Beat & Beckett 3

Matt and Kim's "5K" video speaks much more intelligently of our culture's resurgent love of vampires than does the idiotic and thieving Twilight series.

What I Read on My Summer Vacation 8

Sometimes I feel like everyone's eating this thing called scrambled eggs (What are those, I wonder. They look good.), while I'm enjoying a delicious chantarelle and pecorino frittata.