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Sharp Objects: A Novel (Paperback)

by Gillian Flynn

Five Crime Novels Where Women are the True Detectives 20

Whether or not True Detective returns for another season and solves its woman problems, here's a list of crime novels where there’s a woman in charge. You might discover, like me, that you’re an accidental fan of the female detective.

A Year in Reading: Michael Bourne 0

Flynn is especially good at creating damaged, dangerous women whose deeply imagined inner lives break your heart even as the characters create havoc in the lives of the people around them.

A Year in Reading: Roxane Gay 4

I can't remember a better year of reading.

We're All Just Lying Machines: A Conversation about Gillian Flynn 6

What I love most about Gone Girl was the way Flynn made me think about how character and identity are constructed. She made me like and then dislike a character, dislike and then like another one, and then dislike the whole lot of them, the idea of identity dissolving and reappearing at every moment.