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Regeneration (Paperback)

by Pat Barker

A Year in Reading: Nick Dybek 1

There are also times when a book is too good, when I begin think, what’s the point? No matter how hard I work I’ll never be able to do this.

Fresh Wounds: An Interview with John Boyne 0

"It occurred to me I hadn’t really read anything about gay soldiers in the trenches — there must have been gay soldiers there, and surrounded by so much horror, relationships must have struck up. But that wasn’t something I had read. It was a new way into a familiar story."

(Re)Imagining True Lives: On Historical Fiction 9

Let me just say, with as much un-dotty enthusiasm as I can muster, that I am, like, way super excited about the histo-fi seminar I’m teaching this fall, “(Re)Imagining Lives.”

A Year in Reading: Frances de Pontes Peebles 0