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Poetics (Penguin Classics) (Paperback)

by Aristotle

The Mathematical Poet: Exploring Edgar Allan Poe’s Logical Imagination 1

In “The Philosophy of Composition," Poe is critiquing Poe with the objectivity of a scientist studying a specimen under a microscope.

Pants on Fire: The Genre That Cannot Be Named 4

Inventing one composite kid from two could make the story stronger. Certainly it would make writing the story easier for me. I come in part from cheating stock — thieves, adulterers, at least two murderers, as far as I know. I was curious: Could I be a cheater, or, more precisely, a compositor, too?

Fixed by Camel: On Gender, Books, and Children 0

Imposing my version of gender, my preference for skepticism and nonconformity, isn’t any more appropriate or healthy than forcing him into army fatigue onesies or calling him “Daddy’s Big Guy.”

Post-40 Bloomers: You've Come a Long Way, Lady James 2

James's detective novels represent the best qualities of the genre: they are absorbing, intellectually challenging, emotionally satisfying, and artfully constructed. The process of unraveling the mystery demands the reader’s attention and patience as the investigators work through the evidence, and yet the solutions that emerge seem simultaneously surprising and inevitable.

Maybe We Need New Words: The Millions Interviews Nicholas Mennuti 1

The first thing to remember is that the government has never, ever respected your privacy. At least not since post-WWI and the Communist threat in America. They’ve been opening your mail for years. They’ve been wire-tapping without warrants for years. The only difference is that it’s easier now.

Friday Night Fumble: When Mediocre TV Masquerades as High Art 44

Friday Night Lights is bad television. And if it is art, then it is art that is purposefully misleading, which is art of the worst kind. Something is truly rotten in the state of Texas.

Oil Plumes and White Noise: On Rereading DeLillo 1

We are in a situation similar to the one Delillo lays out in White Noise: things are bad, danger is lurking, but we don’t know its full extent. Our exposure has been consummate, and fatal for the health and economic stability of many, but the final tally is not yet in.

Decompensate Your Way To Better Fiction 2

I’ve been working the last two years on my first novel, which has certain elements of autobiography to it, and in that time I can’t help but notice a certain decline in the indicators of good mental health.