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Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year (Paperback)

by Anne Lamott

Most Anticipated: The Great 2017 Book Preview 17

80-something books to pep you up for the (first half of the) new year.

Most Anticipated, Too: The Great Second-Half 2016 Nonfiction Book Preview 8

Break out the beach umbrellas and the sun block. It’s shaping up to be a very hot summer (and fall!) for new nonfiction.

The Book That Didn’t Break Out and the Disease That Did 3

While I’d been planning, pushing, and preparing for my book launch, mutated white blood cells in my daughter’s body had been stealthily multiplying, on a mission to crowd her healthy blood cells out of her marrow and her bloodstream completely. But their success, unlike my book’s, was inevitable.

The Mommy Problem 27

Of all the people I’ve known who tried to become writers, many have not become writers…most people don’t fail to become writers because they can’t become writers; rather, at some point, it becomes clear all the things you cannot be (or have or do) if you become a writer.