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Life Of Pi (Paperback)

by Yann Martel

The Life of Meaning: On Yann Martel’s 'The High Mountains of Portugal' 4

What matters is not whether one believes in a higher power, but rather making use of whatever philosophical tools give life meaning and create vectors by which to effect change in the world.

Animals Emoting: The Millions Interviews Yann Martel 4

You mistreat animals, you eventually will mistreat human beings. If you’re casual to animal life you will eventually be casual to human life.

Most Anticipated: The Great 2016 Book Preview 19

While there's no such thing as a list that has everything, we feel certain this preview -- at 8,600 words and 93 titles -- is the only 2016 book preview you'll need.

Most Anticipated: The Great Second-Half 2015 Book Preview 18

If you like to read, we've got some news for you. The second-half of 2015 is straight-up, stunningly chock-full of amazing books.

Keep the Laurus Nobilis Flying: Edward St. Aubyn's Lost for Words 5

The Booker shortlist and the eventual winners have been decried for being too populist, too elitist, too imperialist, too predictable. Edward St. Aubyn's new novel, Lost for Words, is a briskly readable satire on the annual circus.

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The Journey to Planet X: Margaret Atwood's In Other Worlds 4

How many have seriously pondered Wonder Woman’s lineage to Diana the Huntress, for example? Or exactly how the superpowers and shortcomings of mythological heroes are conferred on their comic book cousins?

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J.D. Salinger, 1919-2010 13

Though it has been talked about as the greatest vanishing act in the history of American letters, Jerome David Salinger's career also turns out to be one of the major triumphs.

Monkeys and Donkeys 1

Most Anticipated: The Great 2010 Book Preview 69

There's something for every lover of fiction coming in 2010, but, oddly enough, the dominant theme may be posthumous publication.

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Pocket Totems: Taking Comfort by Roger Morris 0

On Pym and Poe 1

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