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Infinite Jest (Paperback)

by David Foster Wallace

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Another Mask: On Jhumpa Lahiri's 'In Other Words' 1

I started Jhumpa Lahiri’s new memoir expecting to find a story about the joys and struggles of learning Italian as an adult, and as a writer. But Lahiri did not write the book I was expecting -- and which I think many other readers might be primed for. Instead, she has written an elegant, if somewhat oblique, memoir about creative crisis.

Twenty Years of Jest 0

Exclusive: New Fan-Designed Cover of 20th Anniversary Edition of 'Infinite Jest' Plus a Brief Interview with Michael Pietsch 10

February 23rd marks the 20th anniversary of the original publication of David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, and on that date, his publisher Little, Brown is putting out a new edition of the now classic novel with a new introduction by Tom Bissell. To recognize, as Little, Brown put it, "the deep way that so many readers have connected with the book over the last twenty years," the publisher held a contest allowing fans to submit their designs for the new cover.

The Voice Trap: On the Perils of Authorial Parochialism 10

I’d love to see what Proust might have done in another voice, in, say, science fiction or with the story of a pair of street urchins. Or how Chandler might have written differently to tell the story of a great romance, stretching beyond his comfort zone where something entirely fresh might be born.

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The Unwritten Profile: On The End Of The Tour 13

Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give to The End of the Tour, the new film about a five-day interview between the writer David Foster Wallace and Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky, is that I finally started reading Wallace again.

David Foster Wallace In Brief 0

Like Father, Like Son: Literary Parentage in Reif Larsen’s 'I Am Radar' 4

Larsen acknowledges the great authors who came before him, how their influence on him is undeniable, unavoidable, deep –– but that he is still his own writer, one with formidable gifts and looming ambition.

The Millions Top Ten: March 2015 0

Well, folks, it's happened.

No More McNuggets 0

"On Stage as On Paper" 1

To Make Us Feel Less Alone: On 'The David Foster Wallace Reader' 30

Wallace’s complex mind and neurotic tendencies found their most successful (i.e. accessible and popular) outlet in nonfiction, and that although history may remember his novels and stories as his most important contributions to literature, his nonfiction is more successful in doing what he aimed to do with literature and more representative of who he was as a person and a writer.

A Year in Reading: Garth Risk Hallberg 5

This is a terrific novel. I couldn't help wishing, as I did with so much of what I read this year, that my old man was still around, that I might recommend it to him.

Infinite Grace: The Millions Interviews Caetano W. Galindo 5

The only man who seemed to be showing us, through all that was modern and new in his literature, a possibility for an old-fashioned answer to the great existential questions that have guided philosophers and writers for ages. And he kills himself. When I heard the news, I turned off my computer and played the piano for an hour or so, trying to empty my mind, or fill it with something else.

Name Your Darlings: Writers on the Titling Process 6

The process of titling remains individualized and mysterious: methods range from intuition to reason, from revelation to painful labor. Here, five contemporary authors tell us about theirs.

The Strife of the Chase: The Prudence, Procrastination, and Persistence of the American Artist 5

Artists procrastinate. They also persist. What is certain is that we carry ideas around for longer than we know, and part of the artistic venture is unearthing the source.

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Two Tumblrs Worth Seeing 1

David Foster Wallace, 1996 0

The Millions Top Ten: May 2014 0

An eighth author becomes a two-time Hall of Famer

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Wordsmith: The Beguiling Gifts of Ali Smith 4

This kind of gymnastic use of a single word is Smith's specialty, but instead of simply engaging in verbal pyrotechnics for their own sake, Smith wants to understand the dynamic between language and our inner lives.

Waste Management: On Jonathan Miles’s Want Not 0

Want Not craves pride of place with such “sprawling” novels of social commentary as Infinite Jest and Freedom. Surprisingly, though, it turns out not to be a didactic story about reducing, reusing, and recycling. It may be just the opposite, a subversive argument that we are focusing our attention on the wrong sort of waste.

January Books: A Reading List for the First Month of the New Year 0

It’s with a sense of incompletion that I offer my nine recommendations here for January, books and poems that begin, or hinge, or are contained in the year’s first month.

The Map and the Territory: Infinite Boston 9

What I lacked before coming to the U.S. was an appreciation of the rootedness of David Foster Wallace's work in a specific geography. I had experienced only how the map could shape the territory. Living in Cambridge allowed me to see how the territory might conversely underpin the literary map.

Devoutly to Be Wished: Karl Ove Knausgaard’s Consummation 8

With astounding single-mindedness (or monomania, if you prefer), Knausgaard has pursued a writing project that both consumes him and sequesters him from life. He’s Ahab, only he’s gone and caught the whale.

Reading for Instructions on How to Live: The Millions Interviews Suzanne Scanlon 0

I feel like various dead writers are dear friends of mine -- from Woolf to Plath to Duras to DFW -- their lives and lessons and warnings and urgings are constantly informing my own, challenging my own.

The Old Corner Bookstore Is Now A Chipotle 21

On the wall behind her, a sign informs me that this is “food with integrity.” A dozen meat strips sizzle on the open stove; Chipotle’s chicken, boasts another sign, “is raised without antibiotics and fed a diet free of animal by-products.”

The Millions Top Ten: November 2012 0

A last hurrah for our number one, and a new collection of essays from a master who is missed.

“The Human Heart is a Chump”: Cataloging The Pale King 22

I am the cataloger of David Foster Wallace's final work, The Pale King, and I'm here to tell you that in cases like these, the rules will only get you so far.

A Supposedly Brief Interview with D.T. Max 2

It’s not really that David had any answers for people. But he never stops taking his life seriously and he never stops taking the reader’s life seriously. And I think that’s the connection: you never stop mattering to him and he never stops mattering to himself.

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Excerpt: The Opening Paragraphs of D.T. Max's Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace 18

The first definitive treatment of David Foster Wallace's life arrives next week.

Interviews with Ambitious Readers 0

The Great Taxonomy of Literary Tumblrs: Round Two 45

Six months ago, I rounded up a list of my favorite literary Tumblr accounts. Alas, six months in the real world is different from six months online, and Tumblr now has grown by a few million blogs. So with that in mind, I’ve decided it’s time for another list — a better list, a bigger list.

Infinite Boston 2

....and the joke may just be on you. 0

Miles to Go: Notes on Marathon Reading 5

You could feel the love. Here was a group turned out to commemorate the brilliance of one guy’s colossal strivings, his dogged humility, the beautiful nuance and intricate recursions of a mind pushing past the simple given.

Out of Reach: Notes from the David Foster Wallace Symposium 10

I guess this is to say that the symposium had its share of characters one might expect to find in a David Foster Wallace novel.

Got Two and a Half Days to Kill? 0

How Do You Illustrate Footnotes? 0

A Novelist Unmoored from Himself: Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 15

1Q84 is Murakami's finest work: nuanced, brilliant, gripping, philosophical but never tendentious, self-assured, cleverly post-modern yet authentic, and possessed of a haunting surrealism that by this point surely deserves its own adjective: Murakamian?

Staff Pick: Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau 2

By the end of the first page, you have learned everything you are ever going to know about the events on which the book focuses. What Queneau does do, however, is re-narrate this same scenario a further 98 times, in a series of distinct styles.

Infinite Jest Inspires Infinite Tributes 0

Oprah, Amazon, and The Rise of Therapeutic Fiction: Timothy Aubry’s Reading as Therapy 6

Why Do People Read Literary Fiction?

D.M.V.: An Incomplete List of Writers Who Met Death by Motor Vehicle 22

Is it my imagination, or do an inordinate number of writers die in motor vehicle accidents?

DFW Festchrift at The Quarterly Conversation 1

Infinite Jest, Illustrated 1

Kindle-Proof Your Book in Seven Easy Steps! 28

For the Luddite writer who wants to put her royalties where her mouth is, I offer the choicest trade a Top 10 list of eBook-resistant texts.

The Stockholm Syndrome Theory of Long Novels 113

...and some other observations of doubtful critical merit.

He Was Water: Kenyon Grads Remember David Foster Wallace's Commencement Speech 21

Did Wallace's speech resonate on the hot Ohio morning when he delivered it to the assembled student, or did it get lost amid the hurrah of a graduation weekend?

The Burden of Meaningfulness: David Foster Wallace's The Pale King 9

Certainly Wallace had set himself a problem masochistic or quixotic in its difficulty: how to write an interesting novel about that byword for tedium, the IRS? And how to write a religious novel about the most disenchanted and secular of professions, namely accounting?

First Draft of Infinite Jest 0

Adam Levin's The Instructions and the Cult of the Child 8

Why so much genius? Why now?

Most Anticipated: The Great 2011 Book Preview 61

8,000 words strong and encompassing 76 titles, it's the only 2011 book preview you will ever need.

A Year in Reading: Garth Risk Hallberg 2

The number of novelists with a claim to having published major work this year forms a kind of alphabet: Aira, Amis, Bolaño, Boyd, Carey, Cohen, Cunningam, Donoghue...

Another David Foster Wallace Book Out Soon 1

Is Big Back? 23

A mini-boom in big books would seem to complicate our assumptions about the Incredible Shrinking Attention Span.

An Infinite Frolic of His Own: Joshua Cohen’s Witz 10

Joshua Cohen’s mammoth Witz is the new 800+ page novel to vie for your entire summer reading schedule; to make half your book club drop out; to inspire annotations, wikis, lexicography cults.

The Worth of the Wasted: Shakespeare and Bradley 8

A. C. Bradley is a better critic in full than he is in bits and pieces, and Shakespearean Tragedy continues to be an exciting book for anyone interested in literature.

Literature is a Manner of Completing Ourselves: A Reader's Year 17

If I were an addict, I would get high and while high, presumably, worry about where I was to get my next fix. Reading is not all that different, I think. As a reader, I am always looking over the binding thinking about the next read, in some instances, longing for it. Some books, like some highs, are better than others. But even with not-so-good books, I will come back to the drug, seeking the next high.

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Infinite Summer: Reading D.F.W. in Concert 0

The Millions Top Ten: September 2009 0

Four books move on to the Hall of Fame and six books debut on the list.

The Millions Top Ten: August 2009 0

Pynchon and Bolaño hit the list. Plus, two new Hall of Fame inductees.

Ask a Book Question: #74 (Just One Book) 34

If you could read just one novel, what would it be?

The Millions Top Ten: July 2009 - And Introducing the Hall of Fame 3

The Millions Top Ten: June 2009 5

Curiosities: The Aerosol Ebook Enhancer 0

Ether Between the Covers: Gifting Books in a Digital Age 13

The Millions Top Ten: May 2009 0

The Millions Top Ten: April 2009 0

Curiosities: Friendship's Offering 0

The Millions Top Ten: March 2009 0

Up in the Sky, It's... 11

Inter Alia #16: Footnoting D.T. Max's DFW Piece 15

Thinking of a Dream I Had: The "Formative Novel" 7

The Millions Top Ten: February 2009 1

eBook Evolution: Amazon and Google on Different Paths 2

The Millions Top Ten 12

The Millions Quiz: The Glaring Gap 38

Millions Meta-Data 2008 1

A Year in Reading: Garth Risk Hallberg 4

Ask a Book Question: #68 (Building a 21st Century Contemporary Fiction Syllabus) 27

Ask a Book Question (#59): Books for Recent Graduates 4

Inter Alia: Authority, an Anniversary, and Book Reviewing 4

In Pictures 1

Pynchon Wikified: A Reader's Aid 3

The World of Tomorrow, Today: An Attempt at a Review of Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day 3

A Year in Reading: Two Umbrellas 0

Dave Eggers Waffles 3