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If on a winter's night a traveler (Paperback)

by Italo Calvino

Italo Calvino’s Science Fiction Masterpiece 9

Cosmicomics is that rarity among progressive texts: its premises are absurd and almost incoherent, yet the plot lines are filled with romance, drama, and conflicts that draw the readers deeper and deeper into the text.

A Year in Reading: Scott Esposito (Conversational Reading) 5

Of the lesser-known Oulipo members, the works of Jacques Roubaud should not be missed. His Mathematics, just published this year, is a great introduction to this writer who marries Oulipo, Proust, and mathematics (it’s a strange marriage).

A Year in Reading: Nick Moran 11

I wanted to dislike this book. The point is that I went into this book hating it. I was proven so, so wrong.

Deckle Edge in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction 41

The deckle edge dates back to a time when you used to need a knife to read a book. Those rough edges simulate the look of pages that have been sliced open by the reader.

The Best of the Best of the Best 0

Staying Sane: A Year in Reading (Part 6) 0