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I Served the King of England (New Directions Paperbook) (Paperback)

by Bohumil Hrabal

Heart of the Storm: On Patrick deWitt's 'Undermajordomo Minor' 0

Is it fair to consider deWitt in terms of a binary between high and low? Is his work entertainment, something to get us off? Or is it original, beautiful, communicating deep ideas? Do we need to pick?

The Academy of Rambling-On: On Bohumil Hrabal's Fiction 0

Read the stories. Read the novels. Just read Hrabal.

A Year in Reading: Garth Risk Hallberg 2

In 2009, I found myself traipsing back and forth between literary Berlin and literary Moscow and losing myself in the territories in between. My favorite of the books I encountered during these peregrinations was A Book of Memories, by the Hungarian master Péter Nádas.